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ICIJ’s Alfredo Quijano, who chronicled crime and corruption on the US-Mexico border, died of a stroke last weekend. He is remembered by his colleague Alfredo Corchado.

The billion dollar mining experiment
Minna Knus-Galán · December 18, 2013

Europe’s biggest nickel mining company, Talvivaara, coaxed billions of euros from investors with rosy promises about an unproven mining technique. Then the new method failed to work as planned.

Unlocking the secrets of the Cook Islands
Leslie Wayne · December 16, 2013

The author of ICIJ and the New York Times’ joint investigation of the Cook Islands describes the hidden world of the Cooks’ offshore economy, a “lawsuit-proof” paradise where the wealthy stash their assets.

Americans abroad denounce offshore tax law’s unintended consequences
Margot Williams · December 13, 2013

Americans abroad say that the U.S. tax law FATCA, intended to crack down on offshore tax avoidance, has snared middle and working class expatriates with byzantine and unfair requirements.

‘Everyone can be an investigative journalist. Everyone!’
Inga Springe · December 12, 2013

Inga Springe describes the challenges of creating the first investigative journalism center in the Baltics, as well as her groundbreaking investigations into organized crime and economic inequality.

Secret U.S. drone bases in Germany revealed
Hans Leyendecker, Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer · December 11, 2013

An investigation by ICIJ’s members in Germany reveals that the U.S. secretly staged drone warfare from bases in Germany, with the help of German intelligence services.

The mystery of the fleeing Americans
Margot Williams · December 6, 2013

Skyrocketing numbers of Americans have been renouncing US citizenship in recent years. Help us figure out who they are and why they are cutting ties with Uncle Sam.

‘The biggest criminals write laws that make their crimes legal’
Giannina Segnini · November 27, 2013

Giannina Segnini, the director of the investigative team at La Nacion newspaper in Costa Rica, describes her approach to the investigation that put two former Costa Rican presidents behind bars.

Tax havens face crisis in wake of Offshore Leaks, report says
Sasha Chavkin · November 26, 2013

A leading offshore services company finds that ICIJ’s Offshore Leaks investigation has caused serious damage to the industry. The solution? More public relations and lobbying.

Mastering disaster: How to get the facts to cover humanitarian crises
Margot Williams · November 22, 2013

In the aftermath of disasters like Typhoon Haiyan, its often difficult to get basic facts on casualties, damage and humanitarian relief. Our guide offers reliable sources for answering these critical questions.