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Tax authorities worldwide have recouped millions of dollars since the Panama Papers were first published in April 2016.

What ICIJ is reading (or watching) these holidays
Amy Wilson-Chapman · December 21, 2017

Being an investigative journalist isn’t all secret meetings in carparks and hanging out in dark bars in the middle of the night. So how does our team chill out?

Four Caribbean tax havens added to the Offshore Leaks Database
Cecile S. Gallego · December 19, 2017

Information on more than 680,000 entities in 55 secrecy jurisdictions can now be searched and downloaded.

Appleby launches legal action against ICIJ’s UK partners
ICIJ · December 18, 2017

The offshore law firm at the center of the Paradise Papers has launched legal action against the BBC and The Guardian.

Giving to ICIJ just got easier
Caitlin Ginley Sigal · December 14, 2017

Create a fundraiser for ICIJ on Facebook to highlight the importance of our work – and support our next investigation.

A trip to Bermuda draws an odd call from the government
Will Fitzgibbon · December 11, 2017

ICIJ’s reporter visited Bermuda to learn more about the island, and its resident law firm Appleby, but when he returned back to the U.S. he got a mysterious phone call.

'Blindly trusting Members of European Parliament to follow rules without any oversight is utopian'
ICIJ · December 7, 2017

Slovenian investigative reporter Anuška Delić, who made the Politico 28 Class of 2018, talks about how her MEP project got started and the challenges she faced.

Belgian police raid bank linked to offshore companies
Scilla Alecci · December 5, 2017

Belgian police raided the offices of state bank Belfius as part of a probe into possible tax avoidance by companies exposed in the Panama Papers.

What is your university doing in the Paradise Papers? Help us find out
ICIJ · December 1, 2017

ICIJ is looking for journalists to help investigate what universities and colleges are doing offshore. Apply now!

How ICIJ went from having no data team to being a tech-driven media organization
Mar Cabra · November 29, 2017

ICIJ’s custom-built data tools have allowed hundreds of reporters around the world to access millions of files securely at the click of a mouse.