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New countries, new languages added to the International Medical Devices Database
Delphine Reuter · February 27, 2019

Medical device recall and safety data from five new countries have been added to database, boosting the total number of records to more than 90,000.

From the Archives: What wiped out these Central American sugarcane workers?
Razzan Nakhlawi · February 22, 2019

The cause is still a mystery but the impact of a dangerous chronic kidney disease was so overwhelming that the Nicaraguan town was rechristened the island of widows.

How I ended up with my own medical device while investigating the Implant Files
Colm Keena · February 20, 2019

In the course of ICIJ’s global investigation into the implants industry, three of the journalists working on the project had a medical device implanted – including yours truly.

From the Archives: How body brokers profited from stolen human tissue
Razzan Nakhlawi · February 15, 2019

Our Skin and Bone investigation revealed the lengths Michael Mastromarino, a human tissue trafficking ring leader, took to steal body parts without detection.

European Commission shames Saudi Arabia, Panama with ‘dirty money’ list
Simon Bowers · February 14, 2019

The expansion of a list of jurisdictions linked to money laundering or terrorist financing has attracted criticism from some of the included countries.

How a women-led news organization is holding the powerful to account in Brazil
Sasha Chavkin · February 11, 2019

Brazil’s Natalia Viana co-founded Agência Pública, a women-led investigative news outlet that focuses on human rights, gender equality and abuses of corporate and government power.

Datashare: Help test and improve our latest journalism tool
Will Fitzgibbon · February 5, 2019

Our data team are looking for people to test our latest collaborative journalism tool: Datashare.

Journalist flees Nicaragua but vows to continue reporting
Sasha Chavkin · January 23, 2019

ICIJ member Carlos Fernando Chamorro has fled Nicaragua amid a series of escalating attacks against his newsroom by the Ortega regime.

‘Being a truth-teller is the greatest service to society’
Scilla Alecci · January 22, 2019

ICIJ’s Pakistani member Umar Cheema has faced trolls and torture, but that only leaves him more determined to hold the powerful to account.