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Top new ICIJ investigative books
ICIJ · November 7, 2012

Whatever the state of the news media, long-form investigative journalism is finding a home in published books. Here are some of the best recent reads, all by ICIJ journalists.

Investigative Journalism in the Age of Media Meltdown
Nicky Hager · November 5, 2012

Societies become susceptible to organized manipulation when commercial media organizations cut resources for journalism, argues ICIJ’s sole New Zealand member.

Reporting from Danger Zones
Michael Hudson · October 31, 2012

Snubbed at a cocktail party versus jail or death: US journalists have it easy compared to many of their colleagues around the globe.

How To Fight Fraud in Europe
Margo Smit, Mar Cabra, Marcos Garcia Rey and 5 more · October 19, 2012

Can investigative journalism be instrumental in the detection of and fight against corruption and fraud with EU funds, and if so, how?

‘Until you know the right questions to ask, you can never get to the truth’
Michael Bilton · October 18, 2012

Why a significant investment of time is the most critical component of each investigative report.

Get Started in CAR with these Excel Tutorials
ICIJ · October 15, 2012

Dipping your toe into Computer-Assisted Reporting? We know most newsrooms don’t offer training in this area, so we have put together some video tutorials demonstrating relatively simple Excel functions to help you wrangle spreadsheet data and find meaning in your numbers.

An Investigative Reporting Manifesto
Carlos Dada · October 11, 2012

Carlos Dada investigates corruption in one of the deadliest regions of the world for independent journalists: Central America. In his Anna Politkovskaya Award acceptance speech he questions the role of the journalist and why we practice in such risky environments.

Why You Should Turn Your Investigative Report into an eBook
Roger Fidler · October 1, 2012

The digital media guru explains how eBooks make investigative journalism easier to access and read on mobile devices, and how they could provide a valuable revenue stream.

‘Don’t get lured into journalistic group think’
Maud Beelman · September 24, 2012

Maud Beelman shares how investigative reporters can make the most of limited time and resources using a four-part checklist to help prioritize which stories to go after.