The Global Muckraker
How To Track Looted Wealth
Sheila Coronel · June 14, 2012

The ICIJ’s Sheila Coronel shares how to investigate illicit money trails ahead of her Tracking Corruption Internationally presentation at the 2012 IRE conference.

UN, World Bank Release New ‘Grand Corruption’ Database
Michael Hudson · June 11, 2012

New database documents 150 major corruption cases between 1980 and 2011, detailing how major financial institutions played a role in allowing kleptocrats to spirit money out of their countries.

Creating an investigative reporting best-seller
Blaž Zgaga · June 5, 2012

ICIJ’s Blaz Zgaga investigated a massive arms selling scandal in Slovenia and turned the story into a best selling book trilogy.

Who are ICIJ’s Members?
Aviva DeKornfeld · June 4, 2012

A look at the data on ICIJ’s 158 member journalists: which part of world they work in, where they work, and the…

How We Found Oscar’s Story
Ana Arana · May 30, 2012

ICIJ member Ana Arana talks about the reporting process behind the six-month investigation about a Guatemalan tragedy published by ProPublica, Fundacion MEPI and…

It Pays To Look Beyond So-Called ‘Experts’ in the Field
Jenny Nordberg · May 29, 2012

Jenny Nordberg discusses how she applies knowledge of human behavior to her interviews.

India’s Military Officials Profit from Land Scam
Syed Nazakat · May 23, 2012

ICIJ member Syed Nazakat reveals how India’s defence ministry has lost over 12,300 acres to land sharks – and military officials.

‘Know Who You’re Working For and Why You’re Working’
ICIJ · May 21, 2012

Carlos Eduardo Huertas, investigations editor at Colombia’s Semana magazine, talks about the traits of a good investigative journalist, and why it is…

‘Hay Que Tener Claro Para Quién Se Trabaja y Por Qué Se Trabaja’
ICIJ · May 21, 2012

El periodista colombiano Carlos Eduardo Huertas habla sobre las características de un buen investigador, su experiencia con Wikileaks y por qué apostar a los grandes temas – y perserverar en ellos – vale la pena.