The Global Muckraker
Why I care about a bony fish with oddly shaped fins
Mort Rosenblum · April 22, 2012

Looting the Seas III project manager Mort Rosenblum talks about his experience reporting the story for ICIJ and BBC World News with a multi-country team.

‘Open up as much dialogue with reporters in other countries as possible’
Paul Cristian Radu · April 19, 2012

Paul Radu shares how he tracks down the money across borders.

Finding the victims of surveillance
Fredrik Laurin · April 18, 2012

Behind the groundbreaking expose by Swedish ICIJ members Sven Bergman, Joachim Dyfvermark and Fredrik Laurin on the cooperation between Swedish-Finnish telecommunications company Teliasonera and oppressive regimes in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

5 tips for investigating the mining industry
Marina Walker Guevara · April 15, 2012

With controversial mining company Renco Group again in the news, here are a few tips on investigating the mining industry I shared at the recent annual conference of the Colombian journalism group Consejo de Redacción in Bogotá.

‘Be annoying, and don’t give up’
Bill Birnbauer · March 31, 2012

Bill Birnbauer shares the methodology and techniques which have served him best as an investigative journalist.

I scooped Julian Assange, now I’m on his enemy list
Yossi Melman · March 26, 2012

A few weeks ago I awoke to find out that from a professional journalist I had overnight turned into an “information mule”.

A St Patrick’s Day prank on Irish investigative journalism
Sam Smyth · March 21, 2012

Ireland’s most powerful politician and one of its wealthiest oligarchs were ringing the New York Stock Exchange bell on Ireland Day, the…

Back to the future at #nicar12
Mar Cabra · March 10, 2012

Going to the IRE-NICAR conference is like traveling to the future for me. Not only because I advance my skills in computer-assisted reporting, but…

Against All Spanish Odds
Mar Cabra · March 6, 2012

‘Spain is different’ has been the tourism slogan for the Southwestern European country for years, since dictator Francisco Franco’s regime used it…