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Offshore Leaks Database FAQs
Marina Walker Guevara · June 13, 2013

Why is ICIJ releasing company data, including the names of so many people? Why didn’t ICIJ publish all of the data?

How we built the Offshore Leaks Database
Giannina Segnini · June 13, 2013

How La Nación Costa Rica developed ICIJ’s application to visualize offshore companies.

Disclosure of South Korean offshore secrecy raises demand for tax investigation
Yoojung Lee and Jungseok Park · May 24, 2013

The release of South Korean names in offshore records obtained by ICIJ has prompted the country’s ruling and opposition parties to urge tax authorities to undertake a thorough investigation into South Koreans’ activities in tax havens.

Work for us: ICIJ is hiring investigative reporters
ICIJ · May 23, 2013

Want to work with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists team in Washington, D.C.? We’re hiring two internationally-literate investigative reporters — one of them a senior journalist, and one with at least three years of experience.

Notes From a Long-Distance Investigation
Stefan Candea · May 15, 2013

Lessons from the learning curve involved in big journalistic collaborations and data projects like ICIJ’s Offshore Leaks.

Authorities announce tax haven investigation
ICIJ · May 9, 2013

Tax authorities in the U.S., Britain, and Australia announced they are working with a gigantic cache of leaked data that may be the beginnings of one of the largest tax investigations in history.

Data Harvest Conference: What You Missed
Arthur Debruyne · May 8, 2013

Some 150 investigative and data journalists and programmers from all across Europe took part in a great harvest of ideas and digital research methods.

¿Cómo sobrevivimos a la colaboración periodística más grande de la Historia?
Marina Walker Guevara · April 26, 2013

de las preguntas más recurrentes que recibimos estos días es la siguiente: ¿Cómo habéis logrado que 86 periodistas de todo el mundo trabajaran juntos?

ICIJ, Center win 3 Sigma Delta Chi Awards
The Center for Public Integrity · April 23, 2013

The ICIJ won 1st Place honors in the Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi Awards for the “Skin and Bone” investigation into the global trade in human body parts.