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Muckrakers and Newshounds: A Treasury of Books about Great Investigative Reporters
Michael Hudson · August 29, 2012

Whenever I get discouraged about the business I work in, I turn to my favorite books about journalists who struggled to overcome these obstacles and expose all manner of bullies, charlatans, grafters and kleptocrats. Here are some of my favorites.

The Essential Elements of Powerful Global Investigative Reporting
Gerard Ryle · August 28, 2012

What makes a good investigation? How should an investigative reporter select stories? Here are the three criteria we apply to every investigation.

ICIJ Welcomes Four New Members
Marina Walker Guevara · August 23, 2012

They are four independent investigative journalists in three continents, all women, doing the painstaking, unglamorous and often dangerous work of following the paper trails, finding the patterns and asking the questions others ignore.

Help Us Uncover the World’s Illicit Tax Networks
Gerard Ryle · August 21, 2012

Offshore tax havens enable arms dealing, child pornography, insider trading, embezzlement, political bribery and money laundering. Help ICIJ shine a light on these illicit global networks.

Caterpillar Inc., U.S. Government Debt and Offshore Tax Havens
Michael Hudson · August 17, 2012

Caterpillar Inc.’s top executive vows to campaign on U.S. government debt. But he doesn’t mention claims that the company may have contributed to the federal debt by using offshore tax havens to dodge U.S. taxes.

PublicI’s new name has a familiar ring to it
Bill Buzenberg · August 15, 2012

The story behind the digital rebranding of ICIJ’s parent organization, the Center for Public Integrity.

Credibility Rules When Investigating via Social Media
Syed Nazakat · August 15, 2012

In this extract from the new book The Social Media (R)evolution: Asian Perspectives on New Media, ICIJ’s Syed Nazakat outlines best practices for investigative reporters using social media.

The Question Investigative Reporters Fail to Ask
Michael Hudson · August 13, 2012

How Morton Mintz produced three decades’ worth of Page One stories for the Washington Post the hard way — by mining documents and testimonies.

Advice to Reporters: ‘Be Inventive and Patient’
Alexenia Dimitrova · August 9, 2012

Bulgarian investigative journalist Alexenia Dimitrova reveals how she uses Freedom of Information laws in several countries to uncover secrets.