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How one of the world’s largest banks helped shelter millions in accounts linked to arms dealers, dictators and tax evaders

New files obtained by ICIJ disclose secret tax structures sought by “Big 4” accounting giants for global brand name companies.

Leaked records reveal offshore holdings of China’s elite.

Anti-drug money is funneled through corrupt military, paramilitary and intelligence organizations and violates human rights.

Recycling dead humans into medical implants is a lucrative trade, rousing concerns about how tissues are obtained.

Down-and-out in developed nations, Big Tobacco is refocusing its lobbying on emerging markets.

As other fisheries are pushed to their limits, giant trawlers move southward toward Antarctica to catch what is left.

Your smart phone contains a ‘conflict mineral’, likely from parts of Africa or South America controlled by criminal organizations.

Lobby groups have spent nearly $100 million to promote asbestos, a carcinogen which may cause up to 10 million deaths by 2030 – largely in the developing world.

Thousands of men working in Central American sugarcane fields are dying of chronic kidney disease, yet governments and the sugar industry have done little in response.

Bluefin’s demise directly linked to widespread fraud and negligence from fishing fleets and ministry offices to the world’s largest buyers in Japan.

Spain’s fishing industry racked up an extensive history of flouting rules and breaking laws.