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  1. Daniele Grasso, Spain, is an Italian data journalist based in Madrid. He created and now coordinates the Data Journalism Unit of the leading Spanish digital newspaper, El Confidencial. Read complete profile »
  2. Mónica González, Chile, is founder and executive director of Chile’s Centro de Investigación e Información Periodística, the country’s first non-profit investigative reporting organization.

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  3. Juliette Garside, Britain, is a financial correspondent at the Guardian. A business writer by training, she specializes in tax and offshore investigations. Read complete profile »
  4. Stephen Grey, Britain, is a Special Correspondent on the global enterprise team at Reuters news agency. He is based in London.

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  5. Steven Gan, Malaysia, is a co-founder of Malaysia's first and only independent publication,

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  6. Frank Garbely, Switzerland, is a freelance investigative reporter and documentary producer.

    He has investigated stories related to intelligence, organized crime, political corruption, money laundering, and terrorism. In 1999, Garbely gained exclusive access to court documents related to a bribery scandal involving the German company Siemens and the Spanish government.

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  7. Marcos García Rey, Spain, is a freelance reporter, university researcher on political violence and coordinator of the first ever Masters Degree in Investigative Reporting, Data Journalism and Visualization in Spanish.

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  8. Catherine Gicheru, Kenya, is the chief of the Mombasa bureau of The Nation group of newspapers.

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  9. Julio Godoy, France/Guatemala, was considered Guatemala's top investigative reporter before he was forced to flee the country under government pressure to silence him.

    Reporting under constantly dangerous conditions, Godoy was kidnapped once, and the weekly newspaper he helped found was blown up. In 1990, he moved to Germany and worked as a freelancer, writing about refugees and German economic affairs.

    Godoy, who now lives in Paris, has returned to daily reporting, mostly for German radio stations.

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  10. Ignacio Gómez, Colombia, is the subdirector of Noticias Uno, a current affairs program at Bogota television station Canal Uno which has been voted the best news program each year from 2010 to 2014.

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  11. Aurore Gorius, France, is a freelance reporter who specializes in economic and political investigations.

    Gorius also teaches investigative journalism at the European Institut of Journalism in Paris. She started out at the daily newspaper France soir, covering social and economic subjects before covering labor and workplace and social issues for the weekly magazine, Le Point.

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  12. Gustavo Gorriti, Peru, leads the investigative center at the IDL-Reporteros, in Lima, Peru.

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  13. Florence George Graves, United States, is founding director of The Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University, which includes the Justice Brandeis Innocence Project.

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