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FDA recommends tough warnings for breast implants

U.S. health authorities have recommended that breast implant manufacturers provide stronger patient safety warnings.

Allergan recalls textured breast implants globally

Allergan will recall its Biocell textured breast implants worldwide due to their association with a rare cancer of the immune system.

Australia set to join nations banning textured breast implants over cancer links

Australian authorities have proposed to ban or suspend 25 models of breast implants due to their association with elevated risks of a rare cancer.

Canada joins textured breast implants ban over cancer links

Canada has become the latest country to halt the sale of textured breast implants linked to an increased risk of rare cancer,…

Patients ‘Discouraged’ As US Announces It Won’t Ban Cancer-Linked Breast Implants

The United States decided not to ban a breast implant that has been linked to an increased risk of cancer and is being removed from the market in France, Canada and other countries.

The 30-year Fight For Breast Implant Safety

Sybil Goldrich and Jamee Cook both suffered after getting breast implants, Sybil in 1983 and Jamee in 1998. Together, they are fighting regulators to get more information to people considering getting breast implants.

Canada Halts Sales of Cancer-Linked Breast Implants, as Global Scrutiny Grows

A growing wave of regulators are reconsidering the safety of textured breast implants that have been associated with a higher risk of cancer.

France Bans Breast Implants Linked to Heightened Cancer Risk

French health authorities have informed manufacturers of a sweeping and historic ban on two categories of breast implants.

FDA Kept Hundreds of Thousands of Breast Implant Incidents Hidden From Public

On the eve of a hearing about breast implant safety, the U.S. regulator revealed it has long known about vastly more complications than previously disclosed.

What are textured breast implants and are they safe?

There is growing international concern over breast implant safety, particularly due to a rare cancer that occurs most often in implants with rough surfaces.