Pakistan’s PM Leaves Country, Spanish Minister Resigns
Martha M. Hamilton · April 15, 2016

Nawaz Sharif faces growing pressure and calls for his resignation, a Spanish minister has stepped aside, and more governments are pledging reform as fallout from the Panama Papers revelations continues.

Panama Police Raid Mossack Fonseca As Global Fallout Continues
Martha M. Hamilton and Emilia Díaz-Struck · April 13, 2016

The search of Mossack Fonseca’s Panama headquarters comes after a number of raids and official action taken in response to the Panama Papers revelations.

Global joint investigation to be proposed at special tax meeting
Martha M. Hamilton · April 12, 2016

Tax officials from 28 nations met in Paris to develop a strategy for collaborative action based on Panama Papers revelations.

British PM announces reform in wake of Panama Papers
Martha M. Hamilton · April 11, 2016

David Cameron has tried to defuse public anger over details of his offshore holdings, announcing new steps aimed at boosting transparency.

British PM Announces New Transparency Measures Following Panama Papers Revelations
Martha M. Hamilton · April 11, 2016

David Cameron appeared before parliament on Monday to address concerns about his own links to offshore holdings revealed in the Panama Papers, as well as announce reform aimed at boosting transparency.

Contested Modigliani seized from freeport as Swiss open investigation
Martha M. Hamilton · April 11, 2016

The artwork may be worth as much $25 million, and is at the center of a court dispute that involves an offshore company featured in the Panama Papers.

UK leader under pressure over Panama Papers links, as Panama pledges transparency boost
Martha M. Hamilton · April 7, 2016

The global response to Panama Papers continues, with the British Prime Minister admitting to benefiting from an offshore fund set up by his father, pledges for reform and investigations from the U.K. and U.S., and a new committee established in Panama to probe the country’s financial transparency.

Panama Papers hit political agendas around the world
Martha M. Hamilton · April 6, 2016

U.S. President Barack Obama, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron among many to have reacted to ICIJ’s investigation.

Iceland Prime Minister Tenders Resignation Following Panama Papers Revelations
Ryan Chittum · April 5, 2016

The prime minister of Iceland said he would resign following mass protests triggered by reports from ICIJ and partners that he had owned an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands with his wife.