Press freedom

Cross-border collaboration: the antidote to censorship and press intimidation in Thailand
Scilla Alecci · March 8, 2018

ICIJ’s Thai member Prangtip Daoreung believes the best way to fight for press freedom is to work collaboratively, across borders.

Five digital security tools to protect your work and sources
Spencer Woodman · January 29, 2018

Here are five of the most commonly, easy-to-use, recommended security tools to keep your work, and your sources, safe.

Increased political pressure puts reporting at risk in Poland
Cecile S. Gallego · January 25, 2018

Even in Europe, a continent where press freedom is generally sheltered, reporters face challenges to keep fulfilling their mission of holding their government accountable.

Appleby launches legal action against ICIJ’s UK partners
ICIJ · December 18, 2017

The offshore law firm at the center of the Paradise Papers has launched legal action against the BBC and The Guardian.

Six tips for how to spot (and stop) fake news
Amy Wilson-Chapman · October 3, 2017

Do you know where your news is coming from? Here’s how to recognize fake news and stop its spread – and how to support real news instead.

Second LuxLeaks trial verdict to be handed down in March
Will Fitzgibbon · January 11, 2017

A second Luxembourg trial that has focused Europe’s attention on secret tax deals and the protection of whistleblowers has come to close.

LuxLeaks trial continues as whistleblowers fight conviction
Will Fitzgibbon · December 22, 2016

Luxembourg’s second trial against two whistleblowers and a journalist will extend into the New Year as the Lux Leaks legal stoush continues.

Radical sharing: Breaking paradigms to achieve change
Marina Walker Guevara · December 7, 2016

SPEECH: ICIJ’s deputy director on investigative journalism, press freedom and how collaboration can help the world face today’s challenges.

Luxembourg added 172 new tax deals in year after LuxLeaks
Hamish Boland-Rudder · December 7, 2016

As a second trial against a reporter and two whistleblowers nears, a new report claims the number of “sweetheart” tax deals has grown.