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ICIJ’s Luxembourg Leaks investigation is based on a confidential cache of secret tax agreements approved by Luxembourg authorities, that provide tax-relief for more than 350 companies around the world. These private deals are legal in Luxembourg.

In this interactive application ICIJ has created a visual and searchable database of 548 tax rulings that have been approved by Luxembourg officials with a stamped and signed confirmation letter. In addition, ICIJ is publishing 16 other documents — such as corporate tax returns — related to companies in Luxembourg.

On December 9, 2014, ICIJ released on this database a small new batch of Luxembourg tax rulings. ICIJ received the documents after the publication of the first installment of stories on Nov. 5. 

The new documents are Luxembourg tax rulings sought by a variety of accountancy firms on behalf of corporate clients from around the world.  The files cover the period from 2003 to 2011. ICIJ is only publishing the rulings that were reported on by ICIJ and its media partners and that bear evidence that they were approved by Luxembourg authorities. 

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Contributors to this story: Delphine Reuter and Cecile S. Gallego

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