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Interactive: Gunter Sachs’s Offshore Network

He’s known as Brigitte Bardot’s husband, photographer, director, art collector. Now another aspect has come to light about Gunter Sachs: a man who set up an intricate offshore scheme to manage his vast fortune, a scheme that remained inscrutable to the fiscal authorities until the end. Read the story.

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Ponzi Scheme Used Offshore Hideaways To Shuffle Investors’ Money
April 3, 2013 — Bribes for Venezuelan officials were funneled through tax havens, court filings claim.
Inside Secrecy for Sale
Mega-Rich Use Tax Havens to Buy and Sell Masterpieces
Famed Spanish art patron uses island haven in South Pacific to manage her collection.
Inside Secrecy for Sale
Disclosure of secret offshore documents may force top Mongolian lawmaker to resign
Deputy speaker of Mongolia’s Parliament admits he had $1 million Swiss account.