Windfalls of War

Key Findings

A comprehensive examination of companies that won contracts that are not competitively bid for work in Iraq and Afghanistan — and of their campaign contributions, led by General Electric and Vinnell Corporation (the former Northrup Grumman).

These contracts have tripled in size since 9/11, to $140 billion. Who loses? The taxpayer.

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Inside Windfalls of War
Contractors in Iraq, Afghanistan, FY 2004-2006
May 7, 2012 — The top 10 contractors and what they earned.
Inside Windfalls of War
U.S. contractors reap the windfalls of post-war reconstruction
More than 70 American companies and individuals – donors to the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush – have won up to $8 billion in contracts for work in postwar Iraq and Afghanistan over the last two years.
Inside Windfalls of War
Methodology: Windfalls of War
September 11, 2012 — The Center for Public Integrity looked at U.S. companies that received U.S. government contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our investigation focused on…