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The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists encourages whistleblowers everywhere to securely submit all forms of content that might be of public concern - documents, photos, video clips as well as story tips.

We accept all information that relates to potential wrongdoing by corporate, government or public service entities in any country, anywhere in the world. We do our utmost to guarantee the confidentiality of our sources.

Our motives are squarely aimed at uncovering important government and corporate activities that might otherwise go unreported, from corruption involving public officials to systemic failure to protect the rights of individuals. Journalists from the relevant countries will evaluate and pursue all leads and content submitted and, if merited, report on these issues.

There are basic safety measures you can take to protect yourself when giving information to ICIJ. For instance, details of phone calls made from a large building are often recorded on the building's electronic systems. There is nothing sinister in this. But it is safer to use a public phone when contacting a reporter, just as it is safer to use an internet cafe when sending files.

ICIJ will soon deploy a new system that will allow whistleblowers to leak confidential information to ICIJ securely without revealing their identity. ICIJ also uses PGP encryption: our public key can be found on the MIT Public Key Server; our email address is contact@icij.org.

We feel that no electronic form of communication is entirely secure - sometimes the safest ways are the old-fashioned ways. You can post printed documents, or electronic files on a portable storage device (a thumb drive, hard drive, memory card, DVD, CD, etc.) directly to ICIJ at the below address.

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TEL: 202-466-1300; FAX: 202-466-1101
E-MAIL: contact@icij.org


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The ICIJ is dedicated to ensuring all reports we publish are accurate. If you believe you have found an inaccuracy let us know.

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