Caroline Desprat, France, is a software developer at ICIJ where she contributes to the development of journalist-friendly products and tools.

After graduating in 2013 with a Master of Science in computer science mixing art, science and technology, she started a PhD in computer science at the University of Toulouse, where she also worked as a temporary assistant professor. She defended her PhD thesis about 3D collaborative visualization and editing on the web in 2017.

Before joining ICIJ, Caroline worked as front-end developer at Real Fusio, a 3D software editor, where she helped to develop internal tools and massive 3D data handling and visualization products.

Since 2018, she has contributed to "le CRI" (Collectif de Recherche Indépendant), a non-profit association providing independent support to open access tools (Spir-HAL) and research popularization.

Profile photo by Emeline Caudesaygues