Fernando Lima

Fernando Lima, Mozambique, reported in-depth on the long civil war in Angola and on the Mozambique National Resistance while working for the Mozambique News Agency. More recently he have done a series of articles on illegal mining in Mozambique.  

He founded the first independent press in Mozambique and continues to push for greater press freedom. As an active member of several journalistic organizations. Lima is a member of MEDIACOOP SA, an independent media company owned by journalists.  

In 2000, Lima co-authored Pluralismo de Informacao nos PALOP (Pluralism in the PALOP - African Portuguese Speaking Countries: Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Sao Tome et Principe). He wrote the chapters on Angola and Mozambique and about differing levels of media freedom in these countries. 

Lima was a Nieman fellow in 1987.

For his work he won several prizes namely the 2008 CNN Award for Portuguese General News and The 2012 Standard Bank Award on Economic Journalism.

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