Frank Garbely, Switzerland, is a freelance investigative reporter and documentary producer.

He has investigated stories related to intelligence, organized crime, political corruption, money laundering and terrorism. In 1999, Garbely gained exclusive access to court documents related to a bribery scandal involving the German company Siemens and the Spanish government.

In 1998, Garbely produced a documentary about a three-month trip to Europe by Evita Peron in 1947. Garbely’s investigation revealed Peron’s links to ex-Nazis, who had sponsored her trip, and her involvement in facilitating the emigration to Argentina of former Nazis, who, in turn, helped bankroll the Peron re-election in 1951. Garbely had come upon the topic of Evita Peron’s visit while researching a previous documentary, "Hitler’s Slaves – Forced Labor in Swiss Companies in the Third Reich".

In 1990, Garbely co-authored a book titled "The Environment of a Scandal: A Report on Organized Crime and the Role of Swiss Government Officials", showing for the first time that Switzerland was being used as a transfer country for cigarette smuggling by the Italian Mafia and that Swiss laws were allowing the laundering of money accumulated through blackmail and illicit arms and drug deals.