Justin Arenstein, South Africa, is the founding CEO and editor-in-chief of Africa's largest investigative data journalism initiative, Code for Africa (CfA).

CfA operates forensic labs in 21 African countries, with more than 100 full-time technologists supporting partners with everything from drones and sensors, to data analysis and open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigation.

CfA also runs Africa's largest fact-checking initiative (PesaCheck) with researchers in 14 countries, and the only indigenous team (the iLAB) focused on investigating disinformation influence operations, coordinated hate speech/incitement, and digital extremism.

Prior to founding CfA, Arenstein established independent investigative news agency, AENS, after being fired from the Caxton Group in 1994 for campaigning for equal pay for black and white journalists.

Arenstein’s own investigative work resulted in the jailing of a senator, and two speakers of the legislature, along with the dismissal of a provincial premier and a string of cabinet ministers. One transnational story on money laundering and rogue intelligence agents, prompted arrests of suspects in the U.S., Kenya and Switzerland.