Serena Tinari, Switzerland, is a freelance journalist. Born in 1972, Tinari was raised in Rome and has been working as a journalist since 1994. From 2002 to 2015, she was an investigative reporter for the Swiss public television.

Her documentary, “Tamiflu, a Pandemic Business”, was awarded the Daniel Pearl Award and shortlisted at the IRE Awards. In 2015, Tinari and Catherine Riva founded Re-Check, a nonprofit to investigate and map health affairs that works at the intersection between evidence-based medicine and investigative journalism. They authored the GIJN Guide Investigating Health and Medicine.

In 2016, Tinari was awarded the Media Promotion Prize of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences and, in 2021, the CICAP’s journalism award. A contributor with the British Medical Journal’s investigative unit, Tinari is a member of the coordinating panel of the Lown List of Industry-Independent Health Experts and a lecturer on public health and investigative journalism.