Timo-Erkki Heino, Finland, worked for YLE, the Finnish public service broadcaster, since the 1970s, where he produced cultural, social and investigative documentaries.

In 2000, he became the executive producer of “Ykkösdokumentti” (“Documentary on One”), the major documentary slot on the channel TV 1. For the past decade, he has specialized in the reasons and consequences of the Finnish recession and banking crisis, combining macro and microeconomic approaches in his documentaries.

For his documentaries, Heino has received numerous journalistic awards. He is a three-time winner of the annual award by the Association of Investigative Journalism in Finland and, in 1994, won Finland’s Award for Public Information for a documentary series on South Africa.

He is the founding member of the Association of Investigative Journalism in Finland and has been active in INPUT (International Public Television Screening Conference), an international nonprofit association of public television professionals.

In 1999, Heino published his working diary “Pankkien uhrit” (“The Victims of the Banks”) on the making of his television documentary on the Finnish banking crisis. Recently, Heino started a new career as a freelancer.