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Dataset: Funds Awarded by the U.S. Agency for International Development

Click on the above link (centralfunds.xls) to download a list of centrally awarded and managed funds by the U.S. Agency for International Development for 2004 and part of 2005.

Read more about this dataset at http://www.icij.org/projects/divine-intervention/database-pepfar-grants.

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Condoms’ Reliability Disputed
August 23, 2012 — Four U.S. agencies rate effectiveness higher than PEPFAR.
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Funds to combat HIV welcome in Ethiopia, but not the strings attached
ETHIOPIA: Hotels along the Djibouti corridor, Ethiopia’s main trade route to the Red Sea, are lately undertaking an unexpected and disturbing role as hospices for commercial sex workers infected with HIV/AIDS.
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Progress in Ethiopia, measured one anti-HIV pill at a time, is being made
August 27, 2012 — ETHIOPIA: An estimated 130,000 adults and children died of AIDS in Ethiopia in 2005 alone. But others are surviving with the help of antiretroviral drugs — a therapy that fights the HIV virus — that they get through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.