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150 Companies, 1500 Licenses, 33 Countries: Fatal Extraction By The Numbers


Number of Australian-listed mining companies active in Africa:
more than 150* 

Market capitalization:
about $133 billion*

One of the earliest recorded mentions of an Australian mine worker in Africa:

Number of countries in Africa where Australian mining companies are active:

Number of licenses:
about 1500*

Country with the most licences held by Australian-listed companies:
Tanzania (about 360)*

Number of fatalities linked to Australian-listed mining companies in Africa (2004-2015):
more than 380

Country with the most fatalities during that time:
South Africa (more than 240)

Median minimum mining wage in South Africa:
about $5500

Average starting salaries for Australian mine workers:
about $60,000

Number of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) filings consulted:
more than 1000

Number of kilometers traveled by reporters in the Fatal Extraction team:
about 33,000

Number of reporters, researchers, and editors in the Fatal Extraction team:

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*Pertains to mining companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) that have mining licences in Africa as of December 31, 2014. Read more about ICIJ’s data methodology for Fatal Extraction.

Contributors to this story: Cecile S. Gallego and Will Fitzgibbon

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