Fatal Extraction: Australian Mining in Africa

Australian-listed mining companies are linked to hundreds of deaths and alleged injustices which wouldn’t be tolerated in better-regulated nations.

The stories that follow are from people across Africa, rarely heard outside their own communities.


Children in southern Mali who live near one of the country's oldest gold mines
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Investigation Reveals ‘Environmental Ruin’ And Workers Rights Abuses

Jul 16, 2015
A platinum mine looms over a nearby settlement in South Africa
Key figures

150 Companies, 1500 Licenses, 33 Countries: Fatal Extraction By The Numbers

Jul 15, 2015
A safety message at a South African mining operation
Data guide

Data and Field Work Combine to Reveal Australian Mining’s Impact in Africa

Jul 10, 2015
Australian mining companies have been linked with hundreds of deaths in Africa since 2004
Australia's presence

Companies Accused of ‘Taking Advantage of Regulatory Weakness’

Jul 10, 2015
Trucks arrive at a mine in mine in Malawi

Key Findings

Jul 08, 2015
Caldwell Sichinga was burned in an explosion at a mine site in Malawi
A damaging mining boom

Australian Mining Companies Digging A Deadly Footprint in Africa

Jul 08, 2015
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