Fatal Extraction

Fatal Extraction: Australian Mining in Africa

Australian-listed mining companies are linked to hundreds of deaths and alleged injustices which wouldn’t be tolerated in better-regulated nations.

The stories that follow are from people across Africa, rarely heard outside their own communities.

Contributors to this story: Will Fitzgibbon

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150 Companies, 1500 Licenses, 33 Countries: Fatal Extraction By The Numbers
July 15, 2015 — Explore some of the key figures behind ICIJ’s Fatal Extraction project, from the estimated market capitalization of Australia’s mining companies with a presence in Africa, to the number of kilometers travelled by reporters for this investigation.
Inside Fatal Extraction
Investigation Reveals ‘Environmental Ruin’ And Workers Rights Abuses
July 16, 2015 — Broken promises to impoverished communities, serious environmental concerns and poor health and safety records linked to Australian mining companies have all been revealed by Africa’s largest ever collaborative journalistic investigation.
Inside Fatal Extraction
Explore the Devastating Stories Across Africa
September 9, 2015 — Mining companies digging up a deadly footprint across Africa.