Plunder in the Pacific

Graphic: Who owns the fish?

Powerful families, with interests in everything from gas stations to mining and the news media, control most of the jack mackerel fishing rights in Chile. With government support they have secured quotas higher than what scientists recommended as safe for the stock. See how the jack mackerel quota is split.

AT&T: at least $98,603


Roberto Angelini

Altria: at least $96,500


Rodrigo Sarquis

PNC: at least $87,805


Jorge Fernández

Verizon: at least $75,165


Other industrial shipowners

Bank of America: at least $92,250


Roberto Izquierdo

Wells Fargo: at least $73,050


Artisanal fishermen

Bank of New York Mellon: at least $69,374



JPMorgan Chase: at least $76,000


Francisco Javier Errázuriz


Graphic by Ajani Winston/iWatch News

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