Video: Everyone Cheated then France Came Clean

Every country cheated. But when France owned up in 2007 to its overcatch of Eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna, the country was forced to take action against the industry. But one suspect will not be investigated…


Graphic: How the subsidies break down

Mar 21, 2012

Key Findings

Mar 16, 2012
Between 1998 and 2007 more than one in three bluefin was caught illegally, creating an off-the-books trade conservatively valued at $4 billion

About This Project: Looting the Seas I

Mar 16, 2012
The French Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing claims quotas have been strictly enforced since 2008

French officials finally respond to allegations of doctored data

Mar 16, 2012
Dead bluefin tuna
Trade oversight

Threatened bluefin tuna may not get much help from international conference

Mar 16, 2012
school of tuna
ICIJ exposed faulty paper-based tracking method

Fishing nations approve overhaul of bluefin tuna tracking system

Mar 16, 2012
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