Luxembourg Leaks

How a Canadian Federal Agency Bought German Apartments Through Luxembourg


Why is the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, a Canadian Crown corporation investing money through a foreign tax haven? CBC reporter Frédéric Zalac and producer Harvey Cashore travel to Luxembourg to reveal these “Secrets of the Crown.”

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Controversial Swedish Hospital Partnership Has Luxembourg Links
November 30, 2014 — It is called the flagship of Swedish health care: the modern, new university hospital New Karolinska Solna. But, according to an investigation by Swedish TV program “Uppdrag granskning” (Mission: Investigation), large sums from the prestigious project are routed to the tax haven of Luxembourg.
Inside Luxembourg Leaks
Day in a Fiscal Paradise: Chasing Letterbox Leads
December 5, 2014 — ICIJ’s German partners take a day trip to Luxembourg, looking for answers. But all they find are mailboxes and more questions.
Inside Luxembourg Leaks
New Leak Reveals Luxembourg Tax Deals for Disney, Koch Brothers Empire
December 9, 2014 — Latest “Lux Leaks” files obtained by ICIJ disclose secret tax structures sought by “Big 4” accounting giants for brand name international companies.