Frédéric Zalac

Frédéric Zalac, Canada, is a national television documentary reporter based in Vancouver CBC/Radio-Canada, the nation’s national public broadcaster.

Zalac specializes in science and investigative reporting for CBC’s The National and Radio- Canada’s Enquête and Découverte. He has investigated a range of topics including police misconduct, substandard cargo ships, the asbestos industry, sweat shops, stun guns, drug addiction and airline safety. Zalac won several awards – including two of Canada’s top journalism awards, the Michener and the Judith Jasmin – for an in-depth investigation on risks linked to Tasers and their misuse by police in North America. He was part of a transnational investigation team, with RSI – Swiss Italian television – and NPR, on the drug Tamiflu and the pharmaceutical industry. Zalac reports in French and English. He also leads training seminars on Internet research for investigative reporters.

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