Luxembourg Leaks

Tricks of the Trade

They are everyday brand names, products and services we all know and use – but where does all the money go and how much tax do these companies pay? Find out some of the strategies many corporations use to drastically cut their tax bills in our Luxembourg Leaks explainer.

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Inside Luxembourg Leaks
‘This story is global, it can only be told with a global eye’
November 5, 2014 — French journalist Edouard Perrin broadcast his first program on the Luxembourg Leaks documents in 2012. Here he reflects on how the story has grown in collaboration with ICIJ and its partners.
Inside Luxembourg Leaks
‘We Will Take Action:’ Australian Tax Chief Calls For Global Probe Into Leak Revelations
November 6, 2014 — Australia’s tax chief may go after some of the country’s biggest corporations for potential discrepancies in their tax payments following the release of confidential agreements made between Luxembourg and multinational corporations.
Inside Luxembourg Leaks
Dyson, Glanbia Among British and Irish Firms Using Luxembourg to Cut Tax Bills
Investigations by The Guardian and The Irish Times has uncovered the multi-billion dollar secrets of some of the world’s largest multinationals, including British and Irish-headquartered firms like Shire, Dyson, and Glanbia.