Watch: Luanda Leaks is a ‘global story’
Scilla Alecci · January 19, 2020

Isabel dos Santos claims her success is self-made. Luanda Leaks, an investigation by the ICIJ and 36 media partners, reveals the true origins of her fortune.

‘I couldn’t do it alone’: Collaborating on Luanda Leaks
Amy Wilson-Chapman · January 19, 2020

We speak with three investigative reporters who worked on Luanda Leaks about the importance of collaboration on this global story.

Watch: A voice for Xinjiang detainees
Scilla Alecci · December 9, 2019

Zumrat Dawut, a Uighur woman who spent time in one of China’s detention camps, has spoken out about her experience on behalf of those still in camps. They “do not have a voice… Now I have the chance. And I choose to be their voice.”

How China Targets Uighurs ‘One by One’ for Using a Mobile App
Scilla Alecci · November 24, 2019

Highly classified Chinese government documents reveal Chinese authorities have been targeting users of the Zapya app, as part of their crackdown against the Muslim Uighur population.

China Cables exposes chilling details of mass detention in Xinjiang
Scilla Alecci · November 24, 2019

A new leak of classified Chinese government documents has exposed the secret details behind China’s mass detention camps.

Uganda, Mauritius, and Kenya: What’s life like as a reporter?
Zshekinah Collier · July 25, 2019

We spoke with three of our partners from Uganda, Kenya and Mauritius about what press freedom was like at home – and the challenges they overcome.

Watch: How Mauritius Leaks got started (and what we found)
Scilla Alecci · July 23, 2019

It was a whistleblower that helped kickstart our Mauritius Leaks investigation after we reported on the region for Paradise Papers. Our African…

Inside Odebrecht's secret files
Scilla Alecci · June 25, 2019

Ecuador-based Andersson Boscán talks about getting the Bribery Division leak and why he shared it with other journalists.

Watch: ‘It’s like a cage,’ says immigrant held in solitary for four months
Scilla Alecci · May 21, 2019

Ilyas Muradi, a 30-year-old longtime U.S. resident from Afghanistan, has spent the better part of four months in a solitary detention cell in an immigration center in Texas. He says it’s like waking up in a nightmare.

WATCH: 'I feel I can't be free'
Scilla Alecci · May 21, 2019

Karandeep Singh, a 29-year-old Sikh from northern India, talks about life after solitary confinement.