The Panama Papers

The Malefactors of Mossack Fonseca

Meet The Dutchman, the Queen of the South, the Boss of Bosses and other convicted felons and alleged wrongdoers who have benefited from services provided by the law firm.

Drug trafficker The Dutchman – Ment Dijkhuizen Cáceres - used offshore companies found in the Panama Papers
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Inside The Panama Papers
US States Under Pressure As World Pushes For Financial Transparency
May 13, 2016 — Nevada, Wyoming and Delaware are facing growing pressure over their lack of corporate transparency, as the United States and the international community continue to respond to fallout from the Panama Papers.
Inside The Panama Papers
Mossack Fonseca’s US Operations Under Pressure, Island Offices Closed
May 27, 2016 — Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca’s local affiliate in Nevada has resigned from more than 1,000 companies and paid a penalty to the state amid investigations on multiple fronts.
Inside The Panama Papers
European Inquiry to Call UK Chancellor, Mossack Fonseca to Testify
June 17, 2016 — A special 65-member Panama Papers committee of inquiry has been created by the European parliament to investigate potential wrongdoing exposed by ICIJ’s investigation.