Luanda Leaks sealed new Cape Verde banking law, minister says
Will Fitzgibbon · March 19, 2020

Cape Verde will close banks that serve only foreign customers, including one partly owned by Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos.

Portuguese ‘super judge’ orders total seizure of dos Santos assets
Douglas Dalby · March 17, 2020

Judge Carlos Alexandre has ordered the seizure of all Isabel dos Santos’ assets in Portugal, including lucrative stakes in various companies and luxury properties.

Peru’s former first lady faces jail over Odebrecht corruption
Sasha Chavkin · March 12, 2020

Following Bribery Division, a Peruvian prosecutor requested three years in prison for former Peruvian first lady Nadine Heredia for alleged corruption connected with Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht.

Portugal likely to freeze proceeds from Isabel dos Santos bank sale
Douglas Dalby · March 4, 2020

Portugal will likely freeze proceeds from the expected sale of Isabel dos Santos’ $200 million stake in EuroBic.

Luanda Leaks Dutch newspaper wins against dos Santos advisers
Will Fitzgibbon · March 2, 2020

A Dutch court has dismissed a case brought by a trust company against journalists who reported on Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos as part of the Luanda Leaks investigation.

US nets second guilty plea in Panama Papers case
Will Fitzgibbon · February 28, 2020

A Massachusetts accountant should spend up to nine years behind bars for helping U.S. residents to evade taxes and launder money over almost two decades, prosecutors told a New York City courtroom on Friday.

US Taxpayer Faces Prison After Panama Papers Guilty Plea
Will Fitzgibbon · February 24, 2020

Prosecutors are seeking jail time for Harald Joachim von der Goltz, who said he was “profoundly sorry” as he pleaded guilty to a range of financial crimes.

Portugal seizes Isabel dos Santos’ bank accounts
Douglas Dalby · February 11, 2020

Portugal is the latest to take action against Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos, seizing dozens of her bank accounts.

U.S. poised to celebrate its first Panama Papers tax conviction
Will Fitzgibbon · February 11, 2020

A U.S. taxpayer will plead guilty to tax evasion and money laundering offenses in relation to the 2016 investigation.

Paradise Papers to help recover $45m in Lithuanian bank conspiracy
Will Fitzgibbon · February 10, 2020

Vladimir Romanov allegedly looted millions of dollars from a failed bank that will now be clawed back.