The Offshore Leaks Database is one of the world’s premiere sources of information on offshore companies, stripping away the secrecy that cloaks entities incorporated in tax havens and exposing the people behind them.

In a multi-part video series, ICIJ’s training manager Jelena Cosic will walk users through exploring the huge trove of data that takes in more than 800,000 companies, foundations and trusts from the Pandora Papers, Panama Papers, Offshore Leaks and more.

This third video shows users how to go deeper into search results and how to start using additional tools and research to corroborate and complement the information found in the database. The first video in the series showed users how to navigate between data points; the second video shows how to refine searches and better understand the results.

Please feel free to reach out to the ICIJ team with questions or tips about the Offshore Leaks Database!