Alicia Ortega, Dominican Republic, is an investigative journalist known for uncovering corruption scandals.

She participated in ICIJ’s Panama Papers investigation.

Ortega’s investigations have included: El Emporio no declarado del Zar del Metro and Caso Rodríguez Pimentel. The first, which resulted from an investigation that was part of the Panama Papers, led to the ouster of a minister in office for 13 years. The latter involved a government official and six others, who went to trial accused of embezzling $45 million.

Ortega has produced a weekly investigative program, El Informe, for SIN, the largest news network in Dominican Republic, of which she is co-founder and general director. SIN was the first TV outlet in the world with access to the Wikileaks.

She has six Emmys for her investigative reporting at UNIVISION 23 and NBC6 in Miami, Florida. The Fundación Gabriel García Márquez de Nuevo Periodismo recognized her work on illegal immigrants. In 2017, she received an honorable mention Premio Latinoamericano de Periodismo de Investigación.