An ICIJ Investigation Bribery Division

A new investigation led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists reveals unreported cases and massive public works projects embroiled in Odebrecht’s bribery operation.

The Bribery Division revealed previously hidden payments on construction projects by Brazilian firm Odebrecht, which has been at the heart of an ongoing scandal in Latin America.

Described as a “thing of criminal beauty,” the Odebrecht scandal has toppled presidents, politicians, business figures and lawyers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Key findings

  • New leak reveals hundreds of millions of dollars in secret payments by an Odebrecht division created primarily to manage the company’s bribes
  • More than $39 million in hidden payments linked to the massive Punta Catalina coal power plant in the Dominican Republic, despite two official investigations finding no irregularities
  • More than $3 million in hidden payments linked to the Gasoducto Sur pipeline in Peru, including payments to a company owned by the Vice-Governor of the region of Callao
  • Hidden payments connected to other major infrastructure projects including the subway systems in Quito, Ecuador; Panama City, Panama; and Caracas, Venezuela

About this investigation

About the Bribery Division Investigation

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Sifting through 13,000 leaked files from the disgraced construction firm, we quickly recognized that we had both a major story and a complex challenge.

Peruvian prosecutors have raided 26 properties linked to alleged corruption connected to a pipeline constructed by disgraced multinational Odebrecht.

The Dominican Republic stock exchange president has resigned following revelations that companies linked to him received millions of dollars from Odebrecht.

We are often asked how cross-border investigations like the Bribery Division come about. Here we explain how it all happens.

Politicians and advocates across the Americas have issued calls for reform or defended their records within a day of the Bribery Division being published.

Ecuador-based Andersson Boscán talks about getting the Bribery Division leak and why he shared it with other journalists.

Una nueva investigación liderada por el Consorcio Internacional de Periodistas de Investigación revela casos no denunciados y obras públicas masivas vinculadas con la operación de sobornos de Odebrecht.

Bribery Division, an international investigation into Latin America’s largest construction company, reveals fresh evidence of hundreds of millions of dollars in suspicious payments linked to major infrastructure projects.

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