Per Anders Johansen, Norway, is a journalist at Norway's largest newspaper, Aftenposten. 

He was formerly the editor-in-chief for Norwegian Broadcasting Corp's (NRK) investigative TV-program Brennpunkt.

He has won several awards for his investigations in defense, foreign aid, security and surveillance at Aftenposten and NRK. Experienced in computer-assisted reporting, Johansen has taught journalism seminars in Central Asia and Eastern and Central Europe. In 1993, while a radio reporter at NRK-Dagsnytt, Johansen was awarded the main prize from SKUP, a journalism organization that hands out an annual investigative journalism prize, for his exposé on how Norwegian authorities, in violation of U.N. sanctions, had transferred money to a Serbian company involved in a Norwegian development project in Zambia. A year later Johansen spent months investigating government agencies. His systematic look at the misuse of government funds led to 26 major news stories and honorable mention from SKUP.