Karl Laske, France, is an investigative reporter for Mediapart. Before that he was a reporter for the newspaper Libération, where he covered judicial affairs and investigations.Laske has published nine investigative books: Le banquier noiron the Swiss Nazi financier François Genoud; Ils se croyaient intouchables, on participants in the Elf affair; Des coffres si bien garnison international corruption; and La mémoire du plomb, about the Italian group of extreme left-wing, Prolétaires armés pour le communisme, led by Cesare Battisti. He also co-authored Machinationsdedicated to the Clearstream affair, Le Vrai Canardthe first critical investigation of the Canard enchaîné publication and Les Cartels du lait, on the French multinationals and agriculture. He also directed Nicolas Sarkozy ou le destin de Brutus and Putsch au PS, on the French socialist party. He often works on Latin American affairs.