Sandra Bartlett, Canada, is an award-winning reporter, producer and podcaster based in Toronto. She worked on the ICIJ projects, Secrecy for Sale, and Skin and Bone. Bartlett worked as a producer and reporter in NPR's Investigative Unit based in Washington where she collaborated on projects with PBS Frontline, ProPublica, the Center for Public Integrity, the Center for Investigative Reporting, as well as individual journalists in Canada and Europe.

Bartlett's recent stories include the podcast, Verified: Dust Up, about the dangers of Johnson & Johnson baby powder and the risk of ovarian cancer. Internal documents revealed the company knew there was a problem with its talcum powder going back decades.

The Salmon People podcast, a co-production between Bartlett and Canada's National Observer, tells the story of government malfeasance in supporting Atlantic salmon farming on the Pacific Ocean waterways. Over time, the fish farms polluted the waters with predators and diseases that attacked juvenile salmon swimming out to sea. Internal documents from industry and government showed a concerted effort to discredit the science that documented the devastation of the pacific salmon and obstruct the community fighting for the wild salmon.