Yossi Melman


Yossi Melman, Israel,  is one of his country's leading investigative reporters, as well as a security and intelligence commentator for Maariv Daily and The Jerusalem Report, where he has worked since 2013.Prior to that he covered the same topics for 27 years for the daily Ha'aretz newspaper. He has written 10 books on his subject matters. The latest, "Yes Every Spy a Prince", was a New York Times bestseller. He also wrote "Spies Against Armageddon", a history of Israel's intelligence community, was published in the USA in 2012. (Read their tips for writing about espionage and military intelligence in "How To Write a History of Something Secret"). He is the recipient of the Sokolov Award, Israel's most prestigious awards of journalism. He has also spent the last few year creating and writing scripts for film documnetaries.