Learn Data Journalism in Brussels

Learn how ICIJ’s journalists dealt with huge packs of data in our offshore leaks investigation at the Data Harvest Conference in May.


One of the most relevant networking events for investigative and data journalists covering Europe is up to its third edition this year.

Journalismfund.eu’s Data Harvest Conference brings together committed journalists from all over Europe to pass on their skills and share their stories and inspiration. #dataharvest13 will take place on 3 and 4 May in Brussels.

Journalismfund.eu, a non-profit organization stimulating quality cross-border and investigative journalism in Europe, has provided four tracks for participants at #dataharvest13.

The cross-border track focuses on transnational cooperations between investigative journalists. With David Leigh, Duncan Campbell, Mar Cabra, and Sebastian Mondial, a handful of journalists closely involved in ICIJ’s offshore leaks project will talk about their methods of dealing with huge packs of data.

Meet some of the best investigative journalists and learn from them how to dig into piles of data, crosscheck and analyse it. Additionally, grantees of Journalismfund.eu’s own working grants project will share their stories – about such things like gas in the Gaza strip and systematic exploitation of Roma immigrants.

The wobbing track is all about transparency and freedom of information. It is the EU ombudsman and his team who carve out the rules of the game by which journalists have to play. Their role in FOI development is essential. On the programme: a top level debate with Joao Sant’Anna, director of the European Ombudsman and Scott Crosby and Onno Brouwer, partners at law firms KRB&C and Freshfields respectively, both of whom have won transparency court cases in the past. Also, several workshops will be given to improve your wobbing skills.

The third track is the farmsubsidy track. Farmsubsidy.org is one of the biggest data journalism projects in Europe. It investigates the massive amounts of money that the EU divides among its member states in the form of farm subsidies. Renowned farmsubsidy journalists such as Nils Mulvad, Hans Weiss and Anders Pedersen will talk about fresh data and about the impact farm subsidies stories have had so far.

Finally, there is a hard-boiled track offering hands-on training in skills varying from internet searching over data analysis to visualization techniques. In this data and journalism lab, data wizards and journalists get together so that new stories can brew, techniques can be learned and skills trained.

The BBC’s Paul Myers explains how you can find almost anyone on the web, Albrecht Ude shows you how to do online research without compromising yourself or your sources, Paul Bradshaw explains how combining data scraping, crowdsourcing and advanced research was used to unveil the business behind the Olympic Torch.

#dataharvest13 takes place on 3 and 4 May in Erasmushogeschool in Brussels. Find all necessary information and register via http://dataharvest.eu.

Prior to the conference, there is a pre-dataharvest Hack Day organised by OpenSpending. Furthermore, on Friday evening 3 May, World Press Freedom Day, Journalismfund.eu organises a special Press Freedom Day Event to present their jury member that recently went public, Nils Mulvad, and to talk about freedom of the press in Europe, with Mulvad, Rob Wijnberg (decorrespondent.nl), Marleen Teugels and Margo Smit.

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