Investigate the enablers, understand the science and more reporting tips from GIJC
Will Fitzgibbon and Scilla Alecci · October 15, 2019

The ICIJ team went to Hamburg to take part in a gathering of 1,700 investigative reporters. Here are some tips we picked up.

TEDx Talk: ‘Democracy depends on how we archive and share data’
ICIJ · January 17, 2018

Mar Cabra believes that journalists need to archive documents and share them so they can connect the dots between stories and make sense of the future.

Four ways to embrace a cross-border state of mind
Emilia Díaz-Struck · November 26, 2015

A recent global journalism conference highlighted an important new trend: expanding perspectives through transnational collaboration.

The ‘human touch’: the key to digging up court records
Leo Sisti · July 12, 2013

Leo Sisti explains how he negotiates access to judicial records to break stories for his Italian newsmagazine, L’Espresso.

Data Harvest Conference: What You Missed
Arthur Debruyne · May 8, 2013

Some 150 investigative and data journalists and programmers from all across Europe took part in a great harvest of ideas and digital research methods.

Learn Data Journalism in Brussels
Rafael Njotea · April 22, 2013

Learn how ICIJ’s journalists dealt with huge packs of data in our offshore leaks investigation at the Data Harvest Conference in May.

Secrets of Investigating a CIA Rendition in Italy
Leo Sisti · July 5, 2012

ICIJ member Leo Sisti shared how he finds sources and information in Italy as part of the Covering Justice in Europe and the US panel at the 2012 IRE conference.

How to Attract an Online Audience For Your Investigation
Jessica Plautz · June 20, 2012

Jessica Plautz of the Investigative News Network offered advice on how to stand out from the internet crowd on the Promoting Your Investigation panel at the 2012 IRE Conference.

Secrets of a Happy Nonprofit/For-Profit Investigative Collaboration
Terri Langford · June 20, 2012

Terri Langford shares the tips she presented on the Nonprofit/For-Profit Collaborations: Navigating the Terrain panel at the 2012 IRE conference.

How To Track Looted Wealth
Sheila Coronel · June 14, 2012

The ICIJ’s Sheila Coronel shares how to investigate illicit money trails ahead of her Tracking Corruption Internationally presentation at the 2012 IRE conference.