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ICIJ welcomes new members with focus on collaboration

Eight new ICIJ members hail from three continents, and range from specialist researchers to reporting veterans, across all media.

ICIJ's newest membersThe International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is proud to announce eight new members who have accepted invitations to join its award-winning cross-border investigative team.

The eight new ICIJ members hail from three continents, and range from specialist researchers to reporting veterans, across all media.

ICIJ’s global network now includes more than 190 members from more than 65 countries.

The new additions to ICIJ’s network come after a number of highly successful ICIJ projects, including China Leaks, Luxembourg Leaks, and Swiss Leaks, in which many of the new members participated as active and engaged partners. All the new members have shown a consistent dedication not just to deep-dive investigative reporting, but also to collaboration across media and across borders to ensure stories are being told in depth.

ICIJ director Gerard Ryle said the latest additions to the ICIJ community were team players, dedicated to quality journalism.

“At the core of ICIJ’s success are the reporters we work with and the variety of expertise and local knowledge we can call on from every corner of the globe,” he said.

“We’re excited to welcome new members who have already proven their strengths not just as journalists but also as collaborators, as people who believe in team work, and in this new model of journalism that is allowing ICIJ and its partners to produce more thorough investigations that shine a light on important global issues.”

The new members are:

ICIJ is a network of reporters who collaborate on in-depth, cross-border investigations, and is a project of The Center for Public Integrity.

ICIJ’s most recent work includes the global investigations of mass resettlement linked to World Bank projects, a multi-year probe into offshore financial secrecy and tax avoidance, and an investigation of the shadowy trade in human tissue. Working with hundreds of journalists from dozens of media outlets, ICIJ’s and its partners’ work has led to overhauls of tax rules in Europe, triggered announcements about World Bank policy reform, and prompted dozens of official investigations around the world.

ICIJ membership is by invitation only, but if you are interested please email your resume and samples of your best investigative work to

ICIJ is dedicated to ensuring all reports we publish are accurate. If you believe you have found an inaccuracy let us know.