ICIJ Members

Through death threats and scare tactics, Honduran reporter ‘perseveres’
Sasha Chavkin · February 6, 2018

It’s not easy being a journalist in Honduras, where you can be captured by hooded men and face political pressure. But for ICIJ member Lourdes Ramirez that’s why she became a reporter in the first place.

TEDx Talk: ‘Democracy depends on how we archive and share data’
ICIJ · January 17, 2018

Mar Cabra believes that journalists need to archive documents and share them so they can connect the dots between stories and make sense of the future.

Five reasons ICIJ isn't an ordinary news organization
ICIJ · January 7, 2018

ICIJ just received a $1 million donation from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at the 2018 Golden Globes. But, who are we?

‘Dear, dear, dear, dear…’ The best Paradise Papers TV moments
Scilla Alecci · January 2, 2018

From chasing down interviews with political players to tracking Russian-linked cargo ships, Paradise Papers television partners produced a number of memorable reports.

'Blindly trusting Members of European Parliament to follow rules without any oversight is utopian'
ICIJ · December 7, 2017

Slovenian investigative reporter Anuška Delić, who made the Politico 28 Class of 2018, talks about how her MEP project got started and the challenges she faced.

ICIJ welcomes 25 new members as part of network expansion
ICIJ · June 28, 2017

Following the success of the Panama Papers, ICIJ is excited to announce the biggest single expansion of its network in recent years.

In remembrance: Phillip Knightley and David Donald
Charles Lewis and Gordon Witkin · December 16, 2016

The journalism community lost two influential and well-respected members last week, with the passing of Phillip Knightley and David Donald.

ICIJ member released from Azerbaijan prison
Hamish Boland-Rudder · May 26, 2016

Investigative reporter and ICIJ member Khadija Ismayilova has been released from an Azerbaijani prison after spending a year and a half behind bars.

Luxembourg prosecutors seek jail time for whistleblowers
Cecile S. Gallego and Will Fitzgibbon · May 13, 2016

Prosecutors requested jail and fines for whistleblowers and a journalist who helped reveal industrial-scale tax avoidance schemes.

‘Be paranoid’: How one reporter learned the danger of metadata
Ross Coulthart · May 21, 2015

If you think that authorities have more important things to do than investigate the source of leaks, think again.