How independent news is ‘vital to democracy’

Why donate to ICIJ? ICIJ Insiders told us that they believe the work of ICIJ, and of investigative journalists, is needed more than ever.

“The world sucks, and someone with credibility has to tell the truth about it.” 

“An independent news organisation is vitally important to democracy.” 

“Journalism is the best answer to tyranny.” 

“You are exposing the corruption and lawlessness of global criminals so that we may hold them accountable and become a better world.”

These are just a few of the reasons why ICIJ Insiders tell us they support the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The reasons vary but they all have a similar theme – the work of ICIJ, and the work of investigative journalists, is needed more than ever.

Today is #GivingNewsDay, a day which celebrates and calls attention to the critical journalism being produced by independent, nonprofit news organizations like ICIJ. Important global stories like China Cables are impossible to tell without the support of our readers. #GivingNewsDay, created by the forces behind NewsMatch, is a take on Giving Tuesday, which marks the start of the charitable giving season in the U.S. and around the world.

We want to take today as an opportunity to thank you for giving us your support and lending your voice to strengthening independent journalism. We hear each and every one of you.

ICIJ’s reporting can be risky and challenging, as evidenced in the China Cables investigation into the surveillance and mass detention of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. We work collaboratively, across newsrooms and borders and time zones, with our trusted network of investigative journalists around the world. We bring innovative tools and technology to the table, giving us the ability to pore through and analyze massive troves of documents like no other organization can.

These are the keys to our success – collaboration, trust, innovation and fearless reporting, all in the service of the most important stories in the world.

But our success means nothing without you – our readers and Insiders who stand up for powerful investigative journalism.

We investigate issues so you can be more informed and more engaged. We believe in exposing the truth and making information public and accessible so you have the ability to demand accountability from those in power.

We tell the stories. You change the conversation, the rules and the world with your voices and actions.

Going into 2020, we want an even stronger community backing us so that we can tell the global stories that matter most. We’ve set an ambitious goal to add 300 new Insiders by the end of the year. Will one of them be you?

Give at any amount and you’ll join our Insiders community, which grows every day. You’ll hear from our staff regularly, with updates about impact and special invites to chat with our reporters. It’s a way to get to know us better and for us to learn more about you, so we can keep delivering you powerful, impactful global stories like no other news outlet can.

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