NewsMatch in review: Welcome to 500 new ICIJ Insiders!
Vanessa Chebli · January 14, 2020

As a nonprofit organization, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists relies on donations to support our investigative journalism. This series provides a…

How independent news is ‘vital to democracy’
Caitlin Ginley Sigal · December 3, 2019

Why donate to ICIJ? ICIJ Insiders told us that they believe the work of ICIJ, and of investigative journalists, is needed more than ever.

We need your support to keep reporting in 2020 and beyond
Caitlin Ginley Sigal and Vanessa Chebli · November 1, 2019

ICIJ is thrilled to take part in NewsMatch the national nonprofit news campaign that doubles gifts of up to $1,000 from individual donors until December 31.

Come one, come all – we’re opening ICIJ Insiders up to every donor
Vanessa Chebli and Caitlin Ginley Sigal · October 8, 2019

The support of ICIJ Insiders helps us stay fearless and powerful, so we’re improving our membership program.

Join ICIJ Insiders today and help ‘speak truth to power’
Vanessa Chebli and Caitlin Ginley Sigal · June 7, 2019

One year after we launched ICIJ Insiders, we’re sharing some of the reasons readers support our work.

Celebrate Panama Papers impact and get a tote bag!
Gerard Ryle · April 4, 2019

I still remember this day, three years ago, when we hit publish on the Panama Papers.

Help us create our first ICIJ tote bag
Amy Wilson-Chapman · March 21, 2019

We are all about collaboration here at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Even when it comes to swag.

Meet the Funders: Six months and more than 1,000 ICIJ Insiders later…
Vanessa Chebli · January 9, 2019

We’ve been blown away by our readers’ support for our new membership program, so we thought we’d ask our Insiders why they choose to support ICIJ.

Support ICIJ today for another year of powerful, independent journalism
Caitlin Ginley Sigal · December 20, 2018

Can you help us create a world that is more transparent, accountable and fair?

ICIJ kicks off #GivingNewsDay with an Insiders challenge (and gift!)
Vanessa Chebli · November 27, 2018

Support independent journalism! Join our ICIJ Insiders community today and we’ll send you brand-new ICIJ and Implant Files stickers.