Watch: How Mauritius Leaks got started (and what we found)

It was a whistleblower that helped kickstart our Mauritius Leaks investigation after we reported on the region for Paradise Papers. Our African partnership coordinator, Will Fitzgibbon, takes you behind the scenes of the reporting that followed.

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Inside Mauritius Leaks
Inside the Firm at the Heart of Mauritius Leaks
July 23, 2019 — Despite having few employees, the offshore firm attracted a number of high-profile clients as it raced to secure the market at the “gateway” to Africa.
Inside Mauritius Leaks
It Takes a Village to Create a Tax Dodge
Welcome to Mauritius! Scroll down to see how a group of professionals help corporate giants flee taxes offshore.
Inside Mauritius Leaks
Treasure Island: Leak Reveals How Mauritius Siphons Tax From Poor Nations to Benefit Elites
Based on 200,000 files, Mauritius Leaks exposes a sophisticated system that diverts tax revenue from poor nations back to the coffers of Western corporations and African oligarchs.