Senegal nixes ‘unbalanced’ tax treaty with Mauritius
Will Fitzgibbon · May 26, 2020

One of West Africa’s largest economies has torn up its agreement with Mauritius as debate rages over the tax haven’s impact on developing countries.

Benin investigative journalist jailed in ‘absurd’ decision
Will Fitzgibbon · May 19, 2020

Ignace Sossou will spend six months behind bars after a Benin court rejected calls from lawyers and global free press advocates for his immediate release

Pressure mounts as Benin case against jailed reporter is delayed
Will Fitzgibbon · April 28, 2020

Investigative journalist Ignace Sossou will remain in jail in Benin after a judge postponed his appeal on Tuesday.

Oil giant Eni to pay millions over ‘sham contracts’ in Panama Papers bribery case
Will Fitzgibbon · April 23, 2020

U.S. regulators settled a major corruption case with the Italian oil company that allegedly bribed Algerian politicians through a middleman who controlled a constellation of shell companies.

U.S. isolates detained immigrants from majority-black countries at high rate, study finds
Spencer Woodman · April 21, 2020

U.S. immigration authorities locked detainees from African and Caribbean countries in solitary confinement cells six times as often as the population at large, a new study finds.

Isabel dos Santos condemns ‘abusive’ seizure of $442m stake
Douglas Dalby · April 7, 2020

Portugal has ramped up pressure on Isabel dos Santos in the wake of Luanda Leaks, and following a request from Angolan authorities in pursuit of more than $1 billion.

Investigating the coronavirus: ICIJ African partners warn of looming threat
Ben Hallman · March 31, 2020

Across much of Africa the toll of the viral pandemic could be much worse than in Europe and North America, ICIJ partners on the continent say.

‘Outrageous, unjustified:’ Lawyers take journalist’s imprisonment to the UN
Will Fitzgibbon · March 25, 2020

Attorneys for a journalist jailed in Benin for tweeting about a speech argue that the case sets a dangerous precedent for press freedom.

Portuguese ‘super judge’ orders total seizure of dos Santos assets
Douglas Dalby · March 17, 2020

Judge Carlos Alexandre has ordered the seizure of all Isabel dos Santos’ assets in Portugal, including lucrative stakes in various companies and luxury properties.

How Isabel dos Santos went shopping in Mauritius for shell companies, secrecy and a tax dodge
Will Fitzgibbon · February 25, 2020

The dos Santos brewery masterplan hinged on one of the couple’s favorite business entities: shell companies. This time the couple turned to Mauritius the small island tax haven off the east coast of Africa.