From the year the World Bank was founded to the number of journalists ICIJ worked with on the Evicted and Abandoned project, explore some of the key numbers.

Year the World Bank was founded:

Year the resettlement policy was created:

Total amount committed by the World Bank and the IFC (2004-2013):
$455 billion

Total number of projects funded by World Bank and the IFC (2004-2013):
Nearly 7,200

Number of projects with confirmed or possible physical or economic displacement (2004-2013):
969 projects

Number of projects for which displacement is confirmed (2004-2013):
422 projects

Number of countries and territories in our data:

Number of countries where ICIJ worked with reporters:

Number of documents ICIJ reviewed:
more than 6,600

Number of World Bank employees:
About 12,000 worldwide

Number of reporters, researchers, and editors in the Evicted and Abandoned team:

Estimated number of people physically or economically displaced (2004-2013):


Source: World Bank
Source: World Bank Image: Read more about the bank here.

CORRECTION May 22, 2015: The total number of projects that involved possible or confirmed displacement between 2004 and 2013 is 969 and not 972, as previously reported. ICIJ removed three projects listed as involving “possible displacement” because end-of-project documentation indicated that physical or economic displacement did not ultimately happen.